Young Rebel Set – Crocodile

New West, 2014

The British folk-rockers return with a second album of ’90s influenced Brit-rock as well as nods to American legends like Springsteen. In a display of multi-faceted indie-rock that is both soulful with strategically reckless moments, it mostly offers slow burning, haunting atmospheres where blues and psyche-influenced moments aren’t out of the question. It may take a few listens to really settle, but it’s worth the investment.

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Over The Ocean – Be Given To The Soil

Spartan Records, 2013

The sophomore LP from Virginia quintet Over The Ocean is an intense, gloom-thick voyage, delving into a dark that’s both expansive and menacingly claustrophobic. Frontman Jesse Hill delivers the soul-searching lyrics in suitably deep drawls and crooned laments, echoing the kind of pained, whiskey-hoarse protagonists Murder By Death do so well. Meanwhile the post-rock soundscapes creep along, sparse yet swarming with tension, each song a wounded animal that might at any moment turn its fangs on you (and they sometimes do: see the snarling catharcism of ’God In My Own Image’). As with all voyages into the deep dark, it’s an ultimately life-affirming experience if you make it through. If.

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Big Harp – Chain Letters

Saddle Creek, 2013

A husband and wife duo whose debut was gentle, folksy indie-rock, this time around things are louder, fuzzier and with more emphasis on the bass. Chris Senseney’s deep, soulful voice narrates the thoughtful lyrics, and his guitar moves from blues to country influenced to raw rock’n'roll. While it’s still a rustic listen, it’s a much bolder, fuller and daring outing for an already fantastic musical couple.

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Interview: Murder By Death

mbdlogoIndiana’s Murder By Death are a restless bunch. A decade together has seen the band roam genres from folksy indie to post-rock to americana to vaudeville to barroom ruckus, as well as album-length concepts like sin and redemption or the devil taking over a small Mexican border town. April saw the release of their fifth full-length, Good Morning, Magpie on Vagrant Records. Inforty caught up with singer and guitarist Adam Turla to find out more. Continue reading

Phoenix And The Turtle – Swallow Up The Moon EP

phoenixandtheturtle-swallowupthemoonFluttery, 2010

Combining post-rock (in the strong atmosphere, the piano, cello, and rangy guitars) and arty indie (in its dynamic bent, the shared male/female vocals, and the spoken samples), Swallow Up The Moon sounds a bit like Murder By Death covering Gregor Samsa songs. Or vice versa. An impressive EP from the Californians.